The Nutmeg Landscaper, is the first series of truck bodies, designed and built for the landscape industry who operate in the harsh environment of the Northeast. Constructed entirely of strong, lightweight and corrosion resistant aluminum.

Nutmeg Landscaper XS1 Images

Nutmeg Landscaper XS1 Enclosed Mower

Nutmeg Landscaper XS2 Mower

Nutmeg Landscaper XS3 Dump

The all NEW Nutmeg Aluminum XS1 Landscaper Enclosed Mower Body

2019 Isuzu NPR HD GAS

Available in 14′, 16′, 18′ & 20′ Lengths

Fully Enclosed, ALL Aluminum Lightweight Construction with Extruded Aluminum Floor

Full Width Drop-down Door
with 5’ Aluminum Ramp Extension

54” Side Access Door with Stirrup Side Step

Translucent Roof

One Row of E-track

6 Recessed, Spring Loaded, Floor D Rings

2 Air Vents on Each Side

Drop Down Bulkhead Storage Shelf

*Nutmeg Landscaper XS1 shown with optional equipment. 1 Extra Row of E-track, 4 Extra Air Vents, Lower Interior Scuff Plate and Drop Down 2 Step Access Ladder. **The XS1 is also Available in regular or Crew Cab

The all NEW Nutmeg Aluminum XS2 Landscaper Mower Body

2019 Isuzu NPR GAS

Available in 14′ & 16′ Lengths with 4′ Aluminum Dovetail w/5′ Split Folding Ramp

XS Stands for NO Steel! ALL Aluminum Lightweight Construction

24″ Headboard Tool Crib

16′ Drop Down Sides w/Smooth Exterior for Prominent Graphic Space

Spring Loaded Recessed Floor D Rings

LED Lighting

**The XS2 is also Available in regular or Crew Cab